"Inspirational stories of entrepreneurs"
WikiBusines announces a contest for writing and translating articles in Ukrainian Wikipedia about successful entrepreneurs of the world who inspire to create business and innovation
10 000 UAH
1st place
5 000 UAH
2nd place
2 000 UAH
3rd place
Stories of great people inspire the readers, and Ukrainian Wikipedia lacks well-written articles about prominent global entrepreneurs and innovators. Our competition aims to fill in the gaps in the infospace and
encourage Ukrainians to create their own business.
Terms of the competition
Contribute to Wikipedia
Create and improve existing stub articles about famous businessmen in Ukrainian Wikipedia
Make a list
Make a list of all the articles you have worked with. At least 40 full-fledged articles must be created for admission.
Send results
Send results by April 30 in the .xlsx format to
Get prizes
Look for your name among the winners on May 10
Requirements for articles

  • all articles must be created or improved during the competition period (April 1 - 30)
  • all articles and edits must comply with Wikipedia rules
  • poor-quality articles with automatic (machine) translation (google translator, etc.) are not taken into account
  • the minimum amount of contributions to existing and newly created articles is 4000 bytes
  • only articles about entrepreneurs (persons) are allowed to participate in the competition
Requirements for participants
  • > 16 years
  • Ukrainian citizenship
  • registered account in Ukrainian Wikipedia
Evaluation of winners
The participant can get from 1 to 3 points for each improved or created article.
The first 3 participants with the highest score are considered winners.
The jury's points are based on :

  • compliance with the rules of Wikipedia
  • the amount of the contribution to the article
  • text structure and translation quality (if any)
Other questions
If you have additional questions, write to