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How much does it cost to create an article in Wikipedia?
The cost of the article in Wikipedia depends on the language and subject. The price of creating an article in Wikipedia for person starts from 600 $. Wikipedia in Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other difficult languages is 700$, English is 900$.
Why is English or Russian version more expensive?
Each language version has its own rules, criteria for significance for publication and politics of censorship. Rules of Russian Wikipedia are stricter, compared with the rules of Wikipedia of other CIS countries. English Wikipedia has a rigorous policy and requirements for the style and significance criteria, because English is the most common language of communication in the world. English Wikipedia takes the first position with the number of articles, so the work of editors and writers requires more time and intellectual costs.
Do you provide other marketing services except the creation of an article in Wikipedia?
We write and edit articles in Wikipedia, also we are engaged in promotion (articles in the media) of brands, companies, startups, celebritis, athletes, etc.
How long do you create the article?
The creation of one article takes 14 days. Urgent orders (2-3 days) are possible for an extra charge (+ 30%). It depends on the level of media coverage of your company or person. Usually it takes 2 weeks if there are enough publications. It can be 40-60 days if media presence is to be increased.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cashless payment in UAH, dollars, euros (contract with FOP-3), WISE, Payoneer, Swift, cash, USDT, BTC, etc.
What guarantees do you provide?
We work only with the articles that have high chances to go through moderation. Therefore, 91% of our articles are successful in Wikipedia.
In case the article is to be deleted, we will protect it. In case of impossibility of protection and recovery - we will return you 80% of the cost.
What do you do if the page is deleted?
If the page is deleted, we will try to restore it (it is possible to do it 2 or 3 more times). If the repeated recovery is unsuccessful, we will return 80% of the cost of the article.
Can you edit and improve your article yourself?
Yes, every person who has its own Wikipedia account can edit and create articles. However, there is a high probability that the article will be removed due to non-compliance with more than 200 Wikipedia rules. It is also necessary to take into account the specifics of the topic of the article and the language section of Wikipedia. Also, it is important to prove significance and to adhere to Wikipedia criteria. Finally, the history of the account, the number of thousands of previous edits and their encyclopedic quality and sufficiency have a great significance. That is, if the profile has been in Wikipedia for many years and made thousands of edits, it will be easier.
Why should the company or brand have a Wikipedia article?
It is for brand development, reputation, amount of work and significance of personality. Your partners, customers, friends and enemies are searching for you. You receive powerful recognizability and organic traffic on websites and social networks. It increases the price value, brand recognition and strengthens the trust of partners and clients to you. Wikipedia is an appropriate tool for marketing promotion and development as a brand owner, so the reputation of the company, startup and product. So, Google Knowledge Graph, which is an online business card of any company, brand, or person is formed on the basis of data contained in Wikipedia article. And we write everything that will be displayed there.
What should I do if the company is not significant for Wikipedia?
We develop an individual marketing promotion strategy in Wikipedia for each client. It helps to increase the importance of the brand / person to publish an article in Wikipedia. Leave an application and we will consult you!
What languages do you write in?
We write in all languages of the world: besides the main ones, we write on Swahili, Norwegian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.
How much time is needed to index a page on the Internet?
Indexing speed depends on the number of searches and may take from 1 day to 1 month.
Is it possible to start partnership with you?
Yes, you should contact Wikibusines Commercial Director Bohdan and discuss the details — +380506010734
Why can the page be deleted?
There are several reasons: the lack of significance of the company or person for publication, non-encyclopedic style of writing, violation of the requirements and rules of Wikipedia, the use of non-automated sources, etc.
Why can not we create a page in Wikipedia on our own?
Usually it results in the appearance of several red flags that cause the page deletion. This is due to the rules and requirements of Wikipedia. Because of this, we strongly recommend consulting Wikipedia experts before complicating your further work.
if your topic\articles passes the moderation on Wikipedia
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