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corporations, banks, holdings, retail networks, gas stations, FMGG, factories, manufacturers, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, developers, agricultural sector, e-commerce
venture funds, accelerators, fintech, medtech, streaming platforms, marketplaces, gamedev, cloud providers, saas platforms, IT companies, mobile applications, bots, blockchain startups, betting servises
fashion, food and drink, alcohol, medicines, equipment, educational products, electronics, housing projects, cosmetics, cars, restaurants, hotels
Agencies and NGOs
advertising agencies, political parties, public organizations, charitable foundations, associations, trade unions, films, mass media, publishing houses, clubs
Stages of cooperation
TOR confirmation
we find out the request and expectations, estimate the scope of work, calculate the time and cost
Big start
we specify the terms of cooperation, sign the contract and receive prepayment
Draft agreement
we write a draft, take your comments and remarks into account, finalize the text
we compose text, infobox with photo and publish on Wikipedia
Our customers
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