People telling the world about cyborgs, war, and accurate history. How Ukrainians reclaim Wikipedia from Russians

The 21st century dictates other rules for the fight against propaganda: new powerful tools are emerging, but also challenges appear that the state must respond to. Wikipedia has long been one such battlefield.
Russia quickly mastered the rules of this battle and began to conduct anti-Ukrainian propaganda not only in the Russian-language version but also in the pages read by people in the West. Ukraine didn't immediately join the process, so for some time, in the English-language articles about the "DPR-LPR" terrorists, you could find such phrases as "insurgents," "civil war" and other statements from the methods of Russian propagandists.
Noticing this, a group of volunteers founded Wikipatrol, which fights every day to ensure that Ukraine is portrayed in the right light, and millions of people abroad can read the truth about the events in our country. Rubryka contacted one of the movement's founders, co-owner of "Wikibusines" Roman Melnyk, to learn more about their activities. Read about the Jews and Bohdan Khmelnytsky, information wars with the Russians, and the project's further prospects in our new article. Read the continuation on Rubryka.