Wikipedia's cyber-fighters, who repel Russian propaganda, urge to join their team

In the summer of 2020, Kyiv businessmen and activists launched the Wikipatrol project, where Ukrainians from all over the world repel Russian propaganda.

According to the Censor. NO, project participants are called cybersoldiers. They making a wikipedia page about Ukrainian in the world's major Wikipedias. The guys introduce Ukrainian themes, meanings and agendas in the EU, USA and even Russia. In particular, they raise the issue of the war in eastern Ukraine, cyber warfare, economic blockade, etc. A separate area of ​​work is the destruction of Russian bot farms in the Ukrainian Wikipedia.

According to the initiators of the project, the editors of the Ukrainian Wikipedia were pushed to unite in the new project by the weakness of Ukrainian diplomacy and the hybrid military aggression of Russia. In the summer, Ukrainians from all over the world began to actively support the Wikipatrol movement.

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