What text can go through the revision of Wikipedia moderators?

Wikipedia's global information community is considered a reliable source of information. Great Five companies, including Google usually rely on Wikipedia information, and provide answers to user requests in the search engine, and Google promotes Wikipedia articles to top request.

Also, this year, Google and Wikimedia officially confirmed a partnership signing a Memorandum of Cooperation. At the same time, the results of the study published in the journal Nature show that Wikipedia according to the criterion of reliability at that time approached the British Encyclopedia, and on the results of researches of consulting agencies, Wikipedia regularly falls into the rating of the most visited websites among the Ukrainian users. Due to these facts and other numerous studies, we have no doubts about the reputation and good attitude towards the encyclopedia as a reliable source of information.

What are the main attributes of a high-quality article on Wikipedia?

Reliability. All information submitted in the article should be proved by authoritative sources of information, otherwise you are suspected in the fake info and paid materials. The reference to the tabloids and other scandal rags will not be able to pass. Referring to private sites / blogs / or writing your own opinion about the subject of article is a bad idea too, it is useless to hope for publication in Wiki. The rule of a priori trust to the site as a reliable and authoritative source of information doesn’t  work with Wikipedia as with another authoritative media. It is an open editing resource, therefore, the danger of vandalism is constantly present.

Objectivity. Wiki-Community is toxic to praised paid articles. For them, it's just "spam" that is not beneficial. It is important to understand that writing a truly high-quality article without puff piece is possible only when working with an experienced editor. PR-managers and marketers usually fail the task by engagement. The audience can read the positive sides of a company or person on a personal site or a blog. On Wikipedia, we use only certain confirmed facts about the activities of people and businesses.

Information. Typically, editors are experienced infodigers, they are well able to work with the search for information in open sources in order to describe the activity of a person or company enough to reveal and confirm the significance of the media presence.

Encyclopedic writing style. Strictness, dryness, the exact facts hides the idea that the article may be paid material.

Significance. There are a list of general rules that all Wiki editors must keep, in particular regarding the criteria for the significance of individuals or companies. Companies must be mentioned in authoritative, independent secondary sources of information, and small and occasional appearances in secondary sources are not considered sufficient to confirm significance.
For individuals, the list of criteria is much wider and more demanding. In general, Wikipedia allows articles about persons who affected the history by their activities, you can find more thorough rules in a special article.

Therefore, compliance with these criteria of the article will allow you to pass the review process and strict modifying of the Wiki Community representatives. This is a beneficial effect on positioning your business in the information space, in particular in search queries. After all, writing and publishing low quality texts, inexperienced editors do not only lose their business, but also spoil the reputation of Wikipedia as a reliable info source and break many years work of encyclopedia community.