10 reasons for a business or brand to have a page on Wikipedia

Digital marketing has reached the peak of its popularity. The Internet has unlimited possibilities for promoting goods and services. And one of the most effective digital marketing tools is Wikipedia. If you still don’t know why Wikibusines suggest you read this article. And if you also own or manage a company, this article will be even more useful to you. Having a Wikipedia article about your company is a possible way to stay on trend in digital marketing. In general, there are plenty of arguments in favor of having a page in a free encyclopedia, but we suggest focusing on 10 main ones.

  1. It is the best digital promotion tool in the world
Have you ever noticed that when you search for some information on Google, Wikipedia comes up first? Regardless of what information you are looking for (about a person, event, company, etc.), the first thing you will see is the results from Wikipedia. This is why it is so important for a company or organization to have a page on Wikipedia. In addition, the user who clicks on the link from Wikipedia about the company will see the general picture and form his own opinion about this business.

2. Wikipedia is simple to use
As you know, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, available for editing by all users, and therefore easy to use. However, you must follow Wikipedia’s rules, the number of which overpasses 200. In order to definitely avoid possible problems with editing, we advise you to use the services of our agency (, which will professionally work on information about your business and create an article in accordance with all Wikipedia requirements.

3. The ability to edit, expand and change the content of the page
A big advantage of having a Wikipedia page is the ability to change the content. Changes to the article can be made at any time convenient for you. You can fill the article according to how your business develops and your company achieves new goals.

4. A Wikipedia page increases brand credibility
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia known all over the world. By creating a Wikipedia page, you don’t need to worry about reliability and trust factors. Wikipedia pages are staffed by thousands of editors who provide authentic and reliable content. The presence of information about the company on this site means its reliability and also reinforces the good name of the brand. So, if you want to increase the value of your brand, then Wikipedia is the platform that will help you do that.

5. The ability to increase traffic to your site
A page in Wikipedia automatically increases the reach of search engine optimization in Google. And this is really key in digital promotion of the brand. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your visibility in the search engine. Wikipedia supports SEO, as the encyclopedia is read by a huge number of people every day.

6. Wikipedia is affordable
Wikipedia is available for editing by all Internet users. It belongs literally to everyone, that’s why Google so much loves it. The changes on a Wikipedia page appears instantly. However, if you want to create an authentic text that will comply with all the rules of Wikipedia, as we mentioned earlier, or if you wanna improve refresh your page it can cause some problems like in the photo — a template Paid contributions appeared and it doesn’t convey trust towards the company’s page. So it is better to contact a specialized agency. This will be a guarantee that your article will be of high quality and unique.

7. Ability to increase off-page search engine optimization
Search engine algorithms choose Wikipedia to promote your services. When you improve your off-page SEO, it’s easier and faster for your visitors to become paying customers.

8. The opportunity to organically raise brand awareness
As we mentioned above, Wikipedia is the most trusted knowledge base for Google. That’s why your brand’s page on Wikipedia will come first in the search query and will fetch a Google Knowledge Graph panel in the top-right corner of the webpage. That will help your current or future consumers alongside potential investors to have a glimpse about your brand due to well structured and trusted information from a Wiki page about your brand. That is much more influential and persuasive than a promoted by Google Ad link to your website.

9. Wikipedia as an essential tool for B2B marketing
Boosting your identity on Wikipedia is essential for B2B marketing. A company’s presence on Wikipedia increases the chances of getting more customers and endorsements. Wikipedia for B2B owners can be a tool to close deals faster.

10. The opportunity to gain a wider base of supporters
A Wikipedia page provides an opportunity to show the history and development of a brand. This information will be interesting and informative for potential customers. After learning more about the business, they will definitely want to get to know your services or products better.
These reasons are just a few of the arguments that support the importance of Wikipedia. But you can make sure of this only by creating a page on Wikipedia, with which we will be happy to help you.
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