5 reasons for a business to have a page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a really good tool for digital marketing. A Wikipedia page is easy to edit, its presence will increase trust, support and respect from readers, help attract new customers, and therefore increase company profits.
It will also provide reliable, verified and comprehensive information about the company. A resource like Wikipedia should be used to promote your business. An article about your company’s activities should be informative, neutral in content and supported by authoritative sources. Then this article will definitely work 100%.
Today Wikibusines wants to introduce you to 5 more important reasons to create a page for your business.

  1. Wikipedia is a site that needs no further introduction.
This resource is often referred to in many places: during presentations at companies, during lectures at universities, during lessons at school, etc. Without a doubt, Wikipedia can be called the main encyclopedia of the modern world. Its name is associated with reliability, quality and respectability in all people. And this leads to the next reason to have a Wikipedia page.

2. A Wikipedia page about your company will help increase its reputation.
Not every company or brand has its own Wikipedia page. If a business has an article about itself on this platform, it indicates a certain status of the company, its achievements and development. This means that the company is reliable and this is confirmed by a reliable source. Having a page on Wikipedia is really presentable.

3. This is also the reason for the growing respect for the company and the level of its perception as a serious business.
The article in Wikipedia, first of all, tells about the history of the company: its creation, formation, development. Also, the reader can find out which companies this business cooperates with, what it has achieved over the years of its existence. This information helps increase loyalty on the part of the potential client.

4. The Wikipedia page increases the visibility of your company on the Internet.
As mentioned earlier, Wikipedia is an authoritative source. Therefore, information from your article in Wikipedia will be able to be used by other sites that will write about your business. In addition, your Wikipedia page will always appear first or second in search results. It also affects how users perceive your company.

5. Wikipedia is a resource that not everyone can conquer.
Although the Wikipedia interface is easy to use, and an article can be created and edited by any Internet user, there are still certain rules on the platform that should be followed in order to make an article relevant to the encyclopedia. When you will create an article about your business for Wikipedia, you may face such a problem as the promotional nature of the content. You probably will want to show all the advantages of your company and therein lies the main trap. However, Wikipedia’s rules are not a secret — they are all posted on the platform for public viewing. Therefore, if you have time and patience, you can conquer this element.

But if you value your time, we advise you to contact our agency for help. We have a significant number of cases of successful placement of articles about companies on Wikipedia, and therefore we guarantee you professional help in this. An article that will work for your company must be properly written, structured, edited, and formatted in order to pass fairly strict moderation. So having a Wikipedia article created by people who specialize in it will not only save you time, but also save you from the unusual problems that can arise when publishing non-Wikipedia-relevant content.