What is the annual support of articles on Wikipedia?

Both in politics and in highly competitive business (agro, retail, IT, development, eCommerce, betting, etc.) competition is very severe and not always ethical. Sometimes it happens that competitors give fake facts, create sections of Scandals, engage in media killerism. On Wikipedia, this is manifested by hiring lobbyists and editing wars, spoiling the reputation. In such situations, we work on behalf of the customer and fight all year, remind editors of the rules and regulations of Wikipedia, control edits and the latest agreed version of the page. We update the article about new important events of the company, achievements, rewards, etc.

When you decide to publish an article about you on Wikipedia, you need to gather the necessary information and publish the material according to the templates and requirements of the resource. As we wrote earlier, to get to Wikipedia, you must meet at least one of the described points. After that, we begin to prepare the article for publication.

In addition to providing an encyclopedic style of the article, we justify its relevance according to Wikipedia's criteria. After the client has approved the draft of the article, we publish it on the resource and take care of its successful stay.

What does a successful stay mean?
Wikipedia cares about its reputation as a global electronic encyclopedia with a name, so all published information is subject to careful verification. Even if it is written perfectly, there may be doubts about the information provided or the significance of the person or company. This is no less important than creating a publication because the main task is the visibility of the page on Wikipedia, which provides millions of views every day.

What happens to the article after publication?
When an article is successfully published according to Wikipedia's rules and regulations, it is immediately noticed by "patrols". These are registered people who have the right to challenge an already published article for certain reasons and to criticize it. They usually already have a good history of wiki editing and have deleted many posts on Wikipedia. In 99.9% of cases, the pages of companies and celebrities, politicians and public figures are criticized. These can be comments about the importance of a person or company, questioning the necessity of this article on Wikipedia. The sources cited in the article, their credibility and the required number may also be criticized. If there is no response to criticism and comments for some time, then if there are strong comments, Wikipedia administrators delete them.

How long does the wikipedia page exist?
The process of appealing and discussing a page on Wikipedia can take from a few weeks to a year or more. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the publication so that it is not accidentally or intentionally deleted. They can apply for removal for two reasons: some see this as more hidden advertising than significance, others are direct competitors or bots, whose task is to prevent the publication of the article on the world resource. By default, we provide a stay of the publication for several months.

With the annual support of the publication, we take care of the wikipedia article for a year from the moment of its publication: we appeal the comments, find the necessary information or appeal by the rules of Wikipedia. If an article is deleted, we restore it using a special procedure. If the article cannot be restored, we will refund the money. This happens in 4% of all cases in our practice. The reason may be insufficient coverage of the company's or a person's activities in the media, lack of significance, which is difficult to prove, or spoiled reputation.

In addition, new events may occur during the year that should be added to the publication or new edits with the timeline should be made. For example, these could be career changes, new achievements, awards, and so on. This should also be done in accordance with Wikipedia's policies, as they may not be accepted by administrators. Similarly, contributions have to be "protected" from criticism and comments about appropriateness.

That is why we advise you to order annual support because it prevents the customer from additional hassles. The annual support costs $365. Creating a wiki page is from$600, making minor edits according to your list is $300.