Creating a wikipedia page for yourself: is it possible?

In brief, it is possible, but usually, it doesn’t work correctly. Wikipedia does not recommend writing about yourself (your friends or colleagues), because it can cause a conflict of interest, the problem of neutrality, commitment, encyclopedic style, and so on. Then you will immediately find various templates in the article, and they can be deleted.

First, the main risk is that if the article has already been deleted, republishing will be much longer, more difficult and more expensive. If the page has already been deleted several times, it is almost impossible to post it again.

However, if you are famous enough and fit the criteria of significance, you can write about yourself, although it is very difficult. First, you need to have enough experience to write an article according to all the rules of the wiki. Second, even if you are a significant person, there should be many articles in the media about you and your activities. Only informational articles from top reputable resources are suitable as authoritative sources. Press releases, listings, your blogs, columns, comments and articles are not suitable. Articles should present your biography, career, activity.

It is also important to understand that you will not be able to "protect" an article so that it displays text that is beneficial to you. Wikipedia is a collective project, so anyone can come and write at any time. This means that other editors may later add critical information to the article, and you will not be able to remove it. In these cases, we recommend our services Annual Support and Protection.

In the end, you choose your way. You can wait until you or your company become well-known. You can be deeply into the Wiki-issues for a week and try to write on your own or ask your PR manager (unfortunately, people do it frequently). Of course, you can use the services of a specialized company with 100% guarantees!