3 reasons to hire specialists from Wikipedia

3 reasons to hire specialists from Wikipedia

In general, editing the Wikipedia page of your company may seem too effortless. Just switch to the visual editor, divide the contents and click "Publish" as in any other CMS. Is it true? No, it’s wrong. Theoretically, anyone can edit Wikipedia, and if you have an account of over four days, which has at least ten edits, you can download the page directly into the encyclopedia. But there are several important aspects.

Wikitext: also known as code

There are two ways creating a wikipedia page and edit it in Wikipedia — visual editor or wikitext. Wikitext is a markup language used by Wikipedia. It is similar to HTML, but, as with the study of any language, most people need some time to master it. Wikipedia specialists are always keen on such markup. It takes a lot of time to reach a good level.

Brands and companies are better not to use a visual editor. It may seem attractive, but usually the most influential members of the Wikipedia community perceive visual edits with suspicion of undisputed paid editing and hidden advertising.

Wikipedia culture

Wikipedia is one of the oldest Internet communities. Its moderators defend the specific type of digital utopia. Despite the fact that Wikipedia should not have a political agenda, its users, as a rule, remain prone and consider business as an existential threat to "neutrality" of the content.

After a number of high-profile cases on paid editing in the 2000s, Wikipedia developed and presented its policies on editors with conflict of interests. In accordance with this system, Wikipedia editors, regardless of whether working in the company or making edits on behalf of the company, must declare a conflict of interests, and not edit the pages of its client directly.

Instead, paid editors must leave proposals for editing on the talk pages of their clients for non-conflict volunteer editors for viewing and approval.

However, most Wikipedia volunteers do not recognize this policy. They will not help paid editors at all.

Most volunteer editors will do the opposite of what companies are asking them, and use a lot of Wikipedia policies and instructions to justify their asocial behavior. One disclosed paid editor had some success using this technique, but the article about him in HuffPost (Huffington Post) caused a violent discussion. Moreover, several pages that he made for high-ranking customers such as Caryn Marooney were removed.

Wikipedists do not comply with rules and policies that were prescribed.

Due to the hostility of Wikipedia community to the paid editors, we do not recommend to comply with Wikipedia's policy for paying editing, as you will not receive the desired result.