Why is it difficult to publish the Wikipedia article in foreign languages?

Look at the example: you have an article in the Ukrainian Wikipedia about the ABC company, and you want to publish it in English and Russian Wikipedia. It seems that it is very simple: translate the text and publish it. But there is one difficulty. Foreign Wikipedia works differently and each of them is a living organism, a separate community with written and unwritten rules.

In 98 cases of 100 your "translated" article, published from a newly created account in foreign Wikipedia is removed for 10 minutes.

Moreover, in English Wikipedia you will not even be able to publish your page - there is a block to create new pages from unconfirmed users.

Therefore, the first conclusion: Wikipedia does not have the translation rules. The presence of an article in Ukrainian Wikipedia does not guarantee English Wikipedia administrators won’t delete your article.

The second conclusion: every Wikipedia is a separate place with its special rules. For example, each Wikipedia requires sources written in its language. If it is a German wiki, you should provide the German-speaking sources.

If you still have to publish an article in a foreign Wikipedia by your own, we advise you to make such steps:

  • Study similar pages in that Wikipedia, where you plan to publish your article.
  • Find out how an article is different from the Ukrainian
  • Read the rules of the chosen language Wikipedia.
  • Do everything step by step. Make edits in some other articles about companies to understand how this Wikipedia works.
  • Publish your page.
  • In case of removal, pin local administrators and ask them to help.