How to structure your article on Wikipedia correctly

The properly-developed structure of the sections is a strategic plan, which we write and then prepare the text for Wikipedia. We do it before gathering information, sources and before draft creation.

It is very important to plan the structure of sections in advance. This guarantees a minimum decent result. Today we prepared basic examples of sections of the article on Wikipedia about a person and company to facilitate this process:

Article about entrepreneur / investor:
  • First name and last name, photo of a person
  • Introduction: a few sentences about the place of birth and citizenship
  • A place of work and position (list everything)
  • Inventions related to work
  • Rewards and Prize if any
  • Less important - Education, Status, Family, Website
  • Notes - the sources you used to confirm the data in the article
  • External links are some of the most significant interviews, etc.

Article about the company:
  • Company name, date and place of foundation, founder name and a brief description of company’s activity. Financial Indicators, Company's website, Logo. Depending on the type of activity you can add various parts, the territory of activity, industry, products or services - each of these sections can be filled in request
  • Social liability
  • Notes are used sources

Hopefully, these templates will help you save your time and nerves:)