How to pay $2,000 and appear on top of Google's Search Process

We live in the world of information technology, and the first thing we do before buying a product - we search the information about it. Brand owners are interested in ensuring their website to be on top of the search.

If you want the company to be on the first page of the search engine, you will have to make a lot of effort and resources to pump your media, mentioning in the media, CEO-optimization, develop your own site.

However, there is an option that saves time and money — writing and publishing a page on Wikipedia. This is one of the best solutions if it comes to the traffic growth in the site or product popularity in Google Search.

A few years ago, Google and Yandex signed the Memorandum with Wikipedia, because Wikipedia is one of the most reliable and neutral sources of information on the Internet. As for now, several hours after creation the page on Wikipedia is indexed at the top of the search engine.