Epic Fails of Inexperienced Wikipedia Editors: Part First

Mistake number one: Wrong goals
In a perfect world, your company's article is no different from other Wikipedia materials. Paid editing, if done correctly, should not be detected.

Editors and companies that are doing paid editing for the first time on Wikipedia usually fail to follow community rules because there are more than 200 of them. They try to write creative articles or promotional publications in the encyclopedia.

Don't try to deliberately fool Wikipedia volunteers. If you want to post an article, you should contribute to the development of the community. As soon as you click "edit" and actively interact with the platform, you become a volunteer. If you make a valuable contribution, Wikipedia will welcome you with open arms.

Mistake number two: Disclosure of the conflict of interest
Naturally, many Wikipedists believe that it is wrong. Some will not communicate in general with disclosed paid editors. Unlike them, others will be engaged in the identification of paid editors and will use it as an opportunity to strengthen its fighting against Wikipedia business.

As of the experience of Wikibusiness, the disclosure of the conflict of interest rarely gives a favorable result for the client. Instead, we write an article neutral, which does not suspect a conflict of interest.

In addition, we have a secret weapon in combating opponents of paid edits. The fifth value of the Wiki community forms a loophole that allows paid editors to create and edit pages about the customers. There are no rigorous rules on Wikipedia, it gives volunteers the freedom to ignore all the rules. In fact, sometimes we have to violate the Wikipedia rules if it is for the general good to make it work.

The policy does not give us carte blanche to place any advertising on Wikipedia. Wikipedia exists not for that. We would not have business if it was so, it could be done by any copywriter with an Internet connection.

This policy is a loophole that allows you to work as Wikibusiness, but at that time it is the reason why paid editor should not expect a fair attitude if they are caught.

Mistake number three
Using your name, your company name or even your customer's name as your username on Wikipedia

The fans of anonymity argue that it has psychological advantages. Many believe that anonymity helps to find the true personality. Unlike it, others argue that anonymity on the Internet is a constitutional law. However, its detractors claim that anonymity generates malicious Internet users and provides a coverage of dangerous and illegal activities.

These both points are controversial but important. However, it seems that the latter becomes the greatest popularity among commercial structures regulating the Internet.