How to become significant for Wikipedia?

The Wikipedia administrators are the most severe and meticulous with articles about living people.

The article must include only authoritative sources of high quality. Facts and text that are not supported by references to reliable sources are immediately removed. Articles about insignificant and little-known people are also deleted immediately. To be significant to be listed on Wikipedia, a person must be important enough to the community, and his activities must influence many people. Special criteria of significance have been developed for this purpose.

In fact, it all comes down to proving the importance of the person and finding authoritative sources (top media with good reputation). And today we will talk about several ways in which you can get to Wikipedia.

1) To become a People's Deputy or a Minister. Top-level officials automatically become relevant to Wikipedia.

2) To head the regional administration or to become the mayor of the city with the population more than 50 thousand.

3) To become the leader of a large and well-known public organization. This should be complemented by many mentions in the press.

4) To receive state awards: orders, medals, honours, badges, honorary titles, personal weapons. The full list is here.

5) To be mentioned in a well-known all-Ukrainian scandal, which will be widely covered in the media. It can be anything - fights, fraud, celebrity intrigue, shocking events and more.

6) To write several scientific researches and pass the criteria of significance as a scientist. You can also become the rector of a university, the editor-in-chief of a scientific journal or the head of a scientific institution. The highest Ukrainian and international scientific awards will be suitable.

7) To become a writer and publish at least 2-3 books with a circulation of at least 5,000 copies.

9) To have a huge number of articles in the press covering the biography, life path and career of a person. (you can ask for advice about the list of authoritative media). This way is suitable for businessmen, industry experts and public figures.

To sum up, there is an old good test. If in 100 years an article about a person will be necessary and interesting and most editors agree with such assumptions - the person is ready to be placed on Wikipedia.