Wikipedia for business: what you should do and what you shouldn't

How to use Wikipedia to promote business and increase it in search engines? Here is a list of tips that will help you in writing an article about your business properly.

Be attentive
Before diving into work, learn how to use wiki-code. It's much easier than it seems, so it won't take much time. Watch your writing style, usage of fonts and links.

Keep it clean
Think of Wikipedia as about any other public space — don't be messy. Keep in mind, that the editors and administrators of Wikipedia are volunteers, whose work and time require respect. Don’t spam with links to your sites or with other advertising data related to your business. Spam in Wikipedia is the Internet equivalent to applying the stencils of your company's logo on a bus stop — vandalism.

Make sure the business is significant
Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Texts of the encyclopedia should be written in the academic style, and the topic itself must be meaningful. The subject must comply with the Wikipedia criteria of importance.

Do not use primary sources
The primary source is any source, which is closely related to you or your business. Your company's Twitter, for example. Affiliated blogs are also considered to be a primary source since they lack editorial independence. Wiki pages should be based on independent publications..

Make significant contributions
Before you write an article on Wikipedia for your commercial purposes, contribute to the development of the community. Select your professional topic and create a corresponding article. If the article about your profession already exists, you can double-check it, add new information or links, in clarifications.