How companies use Wikipedia in competition and sales

After several years of successful activity, the company X has fallen into a difficult position.

The management of the company, seeing that business goes down, decided to sell assets and started negotiations with investors. Potential partners were important players in the international market. Everybody understands that it is worth the breakthrough. However, it is quick to realize that for a successful agreement you must first increase capitalization, as the company's activity is not presented well in the information field.

Top management comes to the services of PR agencies to publish partnership articles about the company X in authoritative media, and soon a number of medias publishes the text on the trends of banking sphere with mentioning of the company X as a young and aggressive player in this niche.

The first point of the development of the company's significance is done.

Subsequently, at the next meeting, the colleagues find an idea that the company X after referring to the media will be searched in Google ... This means that it is necessary to work on a favourable version of positioning in search. Immediately, they pay for articles about the company in Russian, English and French Wikipedia. It becomes quickly clear for the audience that the scale of the company X has already attracted attention even abroad!

Thus, the activities of Company X become more visible in the information space. Company Y, X's main competitor, does not ignore this case, launching a custom-made media attack against rivals. Fake theses are spreading in the media that X is an unreliable and weak company, its performance is overestimated, the "staff turnover" is outrageous, and in general the company's success story is more like a fable.

Investors quickly come across this narrative and begin to doubt the appropriateness of their choice.

Then company X starts a set of measures to protect its reputation.

This story is real, and it is a classic example of what business can do to win the war for information space. Earlier, we talked about the strategy of reaching the top in Google search with a page on Wikipedia. The principle is simple: after Wikipedia and Google have signed a memorandum of cooperation, half of Google's algorithms are based on information from Wikipedia, so having an encyclopedia page about your company shows you at the top of the search results. In fact, this is used by business to take a good position in search and increase brand awareness.

But getting into Wikipedia is not easy. The World Wiki-Community has developed a well-established and fairly rigid paid editing policy that is critical of any marketing activity in encyclopedia articles. The moderators, suspecting any advertising integrations, immediately start investigating until they cut the article, mark it with a paid editing, or even delete it.

That's why the most effective and reliable solution is to order a Wikipedia article from a professional, as inexperienced editors can fail all attempts of Wikimoderators reviews and eventually publish your business. Indeed, thorough and high-quality material about the company on Wikipedia can serve as a powerful tool for PR, image-making and marketing promotion.